Raised fifty-one miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in a town celebrated for its apples. Currently in the Mills MFA program. 

Fern Falls consists of two pictures - one I took and one my father took. Neither of us had been to the location together, and we never acknowledged the fact that we took the same picture before he died. // Circumnutation is an investigation into nature, inspired by early Darwin texts. All images were made while at Mills College completing my MFA from 2017-2019. // Magic Mountain is an exploration of the town I lived in up until my parents divorce which, when I was twelve, ultimately drove us out of the town. // Portraits is a body of work I made during my undergraduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute from 2015-2016. I built a 16x20 camera, used darkroom paper for negatives, and allowed the sitter to fire the trigger.